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Edward & Tea are creatives, operating as event planners and stylists based in Melbourne Australia. We are the brainchild of Botanics of Melbourne’s Floral Director, Shane Sipolis, and Melbourne-based blogger, Annie Wong.

Between us, we share the passion of letting your imagine run wild and creating something that is truly unique, embedded with personality.

This is our passion project

You’re in the right hands.

Edward & Tea has been a long time coming for both of us, and operates as an entity to fuel and let us unleash our creative minds. We absolutely love throwing a good party and know nothing better than relishing in the company of the people closest to us. That’s why, it’s important to us, as it is important to you, that the final concept and styled piece does every bit of justice to the occasion at hand.

Creative // Party Host // Botanical Lover

Shane Sipolis

The reason I do what I do and love what I do is also the number one reason why I get up in the morning – because I love bringing people together. To me, there is just a pure joy in gathering guests, preparing food and being the host to the party. Over time I’ve had the great privilege of working alongside many stylists and hosts and felt that this was the next natural progression for me. Success to me, is defined when we host an event where people come together, feel inspired, learn and laugh, and take that inspiration and go take on the world.

Digital // Designer // Dog Lover //

Annie Wong

A great event isn’t about the perfect detail or the itinerary, its about enjoying the moment.  Having been a bride three times in one year (three different ceremonies!) I can certainly appreciate the stress that comes into planning a wedding. My philosophy on a successful event is the chatter that happens afterwards. Having the event ingrained in everyone’s mind as a happy, joyous or moment to reminiscence and smile.

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